Alkaline Foods and 4 Steps to Improve your Health

There are many food fads and diets available to you, but amidst them all one thing is certain. Healthier foods make for a healthier life. Many of the diseases and ailments people face today result from high levels of acidity over long periods. One way suggested to offset acid in your body is by eating alkaline foods.

Proponents of alkaline diet and various researchers suggest that without the proper amount of alkalinity in your diet made available to you through the foods you eat, good health will always be just beyond your reach. Acidity and inflammation are contributing factors to numerous problems from aches and pains to heart disease and stroke.

The toxins in the standard diet contribute heavily to the levels of acidity in the body. These high levels of acid as stated often lead to serious health problems. Refined foods, sugars, artificial sweeteners, carbonated beverages, meat and dairy products are all acidic foods. The suggestion is that you can reduce the impact of these foods by reducing your intake of them and you can also combat their impact and possibly reverse their adverse effects by changing your diet to include alkaline foods.

By attempting to shift your body to the appropriate pH state, the objective is to help improve your overall body functions and help purify your system.

The 4 Steps

Eat Alkaline Vegetables

Eating leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and collards may help in shifting your pH levels, as most leafy greens are very alkaline. In addition, greens are rich in vitamin K and have plenty of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

Skip the Rice

Use quinoa, buckwheat, millet and amaranth as grain options, instead of rice. These alternatives not only provide you with variety but they also have the added benefit of being neutral or alkaline forming. Additionally, some of these whole grains significantly help digestion with large their amounts of fiber, such as buckwheat. Millet on the other hand is a high in Niacin and has 3 grams of protein per ½ cup and quinoa has 9 essential amino acids.

Add Water

Drink more water. Water has an amazing affect on the body. Except in extreme circumstances, you can almost never have enough water. Besides water being good for your brain, good for your skin and a host of other benefits you get from drinking water, water helps flush out waste and toxins which often result from acidity, poor diet or other activities that harm the body such as stress.

Drink Less Acidic Beverages

Drinking less acidic beverages means less alcoholic drinks and less carbonated drinks like soda. While these may taste good, they mean no good for your body. By consuming less of these types of drinks, you relieve your body of the stress they generally cause, especially when you consume them in excess. Most alcohol comes from grains that are high in acidity anyway and almost all sodas are negative on the pH scale, meaning they are highly acidic.

Making these changes will impact your health for the positive long-term and can help you avoid the terrible suffering destined for many people who continue to eat fast foods and have a highly acidic diet. Take advantage of the 4 easy steps and use them to help improve your health. Thank you for reading.