Do You Know the Added Health Benefits You Get from Eating these two Common Foods?

These are two simple foods with additional benefits barely mentioned for the most part in comparison to their more popular attributes.  Learn what they are and why you should eat more to enjoy their rewards. One day they may help save your life.

While oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits get the majority of the press for the nutritional benefits of their immune system helping vitamin C content, tomatoes also are effective disease fighters in their own right. Although tomatoes usually receive positive mention for their awesome lycopene benefits, tomatoes also contain ample amounts of vitamin C just like other citrus fruits.

This information comes from new scientific data reporting that free radical damage to immune cells drops significantly with a diet rich with tomatoes, and surprisingly with cooked tomatoes in particular. This means that if you enjoy tomatoes already now your favorite tomato sauces have an added benefit as immunity boosters in addition to packing delicious flavors (Just don’t go too heavy on the pasta if you’re watching your carbs). Raw and with salads, or cooked tomatoes in sauce, either way it’s a win for your immune system with more tomatoes in your diet.

Carrots, in addition to providing beta-carotene give support to various mucus membranes inside your body. While making it significantly harder for disease causing bacteria to enter into your system through your bloodstream, the beta-carotene in carrots also increase your T-helper cell count, which is good for your health. If you have a juicer, try fresh squeezed orange juice with a carrot or two for a real treat. For every two oranges add one carrot and enjoy a fresh and healthy twist on orange juice with added benefits.

These two nutritious foods are easily accessible to most people reading this article. In addition, tomatoes and carrots go well with a variety of different foods can be prepared by themselves as well in numerous ways making it easy to include them in your diet. Try to add carrots and tomatoes to your meals whenever possible to get the added benefits and flavors they provide. Simple foods can work wonders.