Do You Know the Benefits of Yoga for Women’s Health?

As a woman, there are many health benefits of yoga for you to enjoy. Thankfully, you do not have to be a yoga expert or a long time yoga practitioner to feel the rewards of yoga and to improve your health. With the many yoga books, yoga DVDs, yoga videos and yoga classes to help you with your yoga practice, you can get started on your yoga poses right away.

While the health benefits of yoga are universal, below you will find how yoga for women is a physical activity that can do marvelous things to improve your health, help you feel better and help you maintain your wellness and aid in the prevention of health problems.

Prenatal Yoga Can Help You Deliver Your Baby

Because yoga is a body weight exercise, yoga can give you more strength (pelvic muscles) and prepare you for labor and delivery while you are pregnant. In addition, yoga breathing techniques (pranayama) can teach you to breathe properly and have breath control during the birth.

Yoga Can Help You Reduce Your Stress

Yoga can relieve stress. Studies suggest that stress reduces estrogen levels and increases the risk of heart disease in women. When you practice yoga, the combination of deep breathing and muscle stretching yoga poses serve as meditation and relieve stress from your body and mind, lowering your risk of stroke, heart attack or other conditions.

Yoga Can Help Reduce Cramps

When you are menstruating, yoga poses can help reduce reduction of pain during menstrual periods. In addition, the nerve calming, stress-reducing aspects of yoga can help with irritation, mood swings and depression often associated with pre-menstrual syndrome.

Yoga Can Help You Be More Flexible

Yoga can help you be more flexible. Women are prone to losing body flexibility and bone density (childbirth or calcium deficiency), as they become older. However, yoga practice can help you to maintain flexibility.

Yoga Can Help You Improve Your Self Image

Although there are many health benefits of yoga as a physical activity primarily, there are also several psychological benefits of yoga. Yoga can help improve your self-image and help you with both self-acceptance and self-actualization. By helping you to improve in these areas, yoga helps you to have a better perception of yourself.

Of course, these are not all of the health benefits of yoga for women, but these are five yoga benefits that I found to be very beneficial for women’s health and thought to share. Hopefully this can help you to decide to start practicing yoga and stop straddling the fence or help you to keep going if you already starting practicing yoga.

There is also information out there stating that yoga can help with Osteoporosis because like running, yoga is a weight bearing exercise. However, recent information seems to indicate that yoga does not produce enough change to justify the claim that yoga can improve your bone density. If you have more information please share with your comments.

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