Strontium dietary supplement for women's bone health

Do You Use this Clinically Proven Dietary Supplement to Improve Your Bone Health?

The news and media continually advise you to get healthy amounts of vitamin D and calcium in your diet to avoid significant bone loss and to avoid osteoporosis.

However, another element not frequently mentioned among the more popular nutrients can help you prevent such suffering and even help reduce the impact if you already suffer. Strontium is its name and when it comes to bones, studies have shown strontium as a benefit and a game changer regarding the bone health of women in general, those with high risk of fracture and post-menopausal women.

Found in nature and a natural component of your bones already, you may want to consider adding strontium to your supplement list as new research has provided data that validates the idea that strontium helps prevent bone loss. A trace element found in both water and soil, strontium in addition to prevention, reverses bone loss as well, serving as a catalyst for calcium in the bone repair process. These two factors are excellent reason to introduce it as part of your regimen for bone health. Similar to magnesium and calcium, strontium increases your bone growth and slows the speed at which your bones break down.

You can get strontium in limited amounts from certain root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, turnips and radishes. In addition to natural foods, you can also use prescription or over-the counter strontium supplements along with calcium, magnesium and other bone building nutrients (like boron, zinc and Vitamin D) to help reduce the risk of bone fractures, bone related diseases or other health issues.

If you desire to increase your intake naturally (that is, through food), it is important that your vegetables have not undergone significant processing. Your best bets then are fresh vegetables from your local farmers market or vegetables from your own garden. If those are not options, get the best quality available from your local grocery store or supermarket. Some grains also contain strontium but you may consider other options as gluten has shown to cause brittleness in bones.

However, if seafood is your fare, oysters, mollusks and other seafood reveal themselves a being strontium rich. When paired with nicely steamed vegetables, you’re looking at a combination of flavor and bone beneficial nutrition that can’t be beat. It is your health, take it in your hands and live well.

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