6 Awesome Health Benefits That You Gain from Running

Countless studies recommend doing some sort of exercise to improve your overall health. Research on physical activity suggests that to help maintain good health that every adult between 18 and 64 years of age should get about 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise weekly (about 22 minutes a day).

One activity you can add to your weekly exercise routine that has many health benefits is running. Running is an exercise that does not require any equipment besides a good pair of running shoes and a place for you to run. Besides being practical, you can reap the rewards and health benefits of adding running to your exercise routine very quickly.

While you may not want to run a marathon or run for a charity, running as an exercise is a great way to keep in shape and is a healthy physical activity that you can use to maintain your wellness and to offset or reduce health costs.

Besides helping you to be able to wear that special something or to show of your body by the time summer comes around, there are several health benefits of running. Listed below you will find six ways running can improve your health.

6 Ways Running Improves Your Health

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Running is an exercise that can help you develop a stronger heart. You having a stronger heart improves your cardiovascular health, lowers your blood pressure, reduces your chance of having a stroke and decreases your heart attack risk.

Improve Your Mind

Running can improve your mood and outlook. People who incorporate running into their exercise plan often report being happier and less stressed than people who do not run on a regular basis. Running can also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Another health benefit of running is that running can reduce your blood sugar levels. When you run your body requires more energy (glucose) and increases your insulin, which boosts your glucose consumption that as a result, lowers your blood sugar.

Improve Your Cholesterol

As an aerobic exercise, running can raise your high-density lipoproteins (HDLs) also known as good cholesterol. HDLs help remove bad cholesterol deposits that can lead to heart disease or stroke by transporting them to your liver for breakdown and removal.

Improve Your Immune System

Running for exercise helps your body to create a high concentration of white blood cells (lymphocytes). As a part of your body’s immune system, these white blood cells help prevent disease and infection by attacking diseases when they enter your system.

Reduce Your Osteoporosis Risk

Running can help prevent your bones from losing mass, becoming weak and easy to break. As a natural osteoporosis prevention method, running is weight-bearing exercise that strengthens your bones by increasing your bone density, which can help fight osteoporosis.

See how easy that was. :)

Now you know at least six ways that you can improve your health with the benefits of running. There are no promises in life, but with the right attitude, diet, exercise plan and running shoes you can make a positive change to your overall health.

Hope you enjoyed this article on benefits of running and the positive impact that adding this healthy activity to your weekly exercise plan can have on your life. Please be sure to bookmark, email and share it with your loved ones, friends and co-workers.

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